YouTube SEO: Optimizing your channel in 5 steps

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February 18, 2019
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February 20, 2019
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, YouTube SEO: Optimizing your channel in 5 steps

Channel art in YouTube’s case refers.
Here at Search Engine Watch we’ve written quite extensively over the years about how to optimize your YouTube videos to be certain they really stick out.
Have great stations. They look good, they showcase their videos and they connect with other people in their own niche.
It is an increasingly aggressive medium.
As 2019 gets going, video is still growing as a way to provide web users with useful and to guarantee visibility online and engaging content.
It can also be a place to share information that is important about the channel.
As you can see, this banner is prime real estate for getting some essential information across with Sam telling us what days of the week he posts new content. He also includes a Call To Action (right hand side) for persuading us to subscribe, in addition to links to his merch store, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter right in the banner also.
YouTube also gives you the choice to have a video or – for users that are subscribed – a station trailer.
, YouTube SEO: Optimizing your channel in 5 steps
Assessing your YouTube channel should not be an afterthought.
We do know that YouTube has over 1.8 billion monthly users — nearly rivaling Facebook’s 2.27 billion.

  1. Featured channel or video trailer?
    YouTube does not disclose how many the platform is used by founders. And there some difference between somebody who posts and contains 100k+ followers, versus anybody who’s ever uploaded a video. Estimates, however, range to upwards of 150m from 50m.
    Many channels that are successful elect to place a video they see as example of the rest of their content. But, of course, it is likely to have success with getting users to subscribe by making a for-purpose trailer about
    Ann Smarty’s top five tips from this past year is a useful list. And Pius Boachie’s article is an excellent read too.

    Here are five pointers for ensuring your YouTube station is optimized.

    1. Add channel artwork

    And they promote more and better engagement views of the videos there.
    It goes without saying that this should be eye-catching and on-brand – as well as being sized to the best 2560 x 1440 pixels – but it can be much more. Bear in mind, from an SEO point of view, videos that are currently getting traffic and engagement tend to rank.
    , YouTube SEO: Optimizing your channel in 5 steps

    1. Connect to other relevant channels

    But I would also urge a CTA being with links out to your website from here – it is a really visible region of the page.

    Good channel artwork, making your growing collection of content via links and playlists, and putting your front and center are really important.
    Graham Charlton points out in his piece How to optimize your videos for better ranking in YouTube that there are a terrific number of ranking things that go into YouTube’s algorithm.
    I’d argue there is a channel a good way for pushing some ones .
    I find it best to think when it comes to giving value about it. Make it easy for them to navigate other content that is great and appropriate.
    1. Do not overlook the’About’ tab

    You can even add hyperlinks and a company email to.
    Be part of the conversation.
    Make sure that you are uploading the content that is best which you can. And you might find channels begin linking to you.
    Channels can truly be used to great effect to safeguard your content is as visible as possible.
    Linking out to the competition might seem a little odd, but it’s in keeping with the community spirit of YouTube.
    It’s not the page, but YouTube an’About’ tab for you.
    In any event, be sure to use the description box to full effect by including around 100 words (or about 500 characters) to signal to people as well as the Google/YouTube algorithm exactly what your channel is all about.
    Be bold with playlists and connect to them.
    Make videos as easy to find by grouping and linking out from each description to other in your channel. This will make things more easy for viewers.
    Better visibility at a well-optimized channel may provide a new video
    Playlists certainly help make things more navigable once you start building up your YouTube content.
    Grouping together those with a similar theme or videos are good alternatives. When it comes to working out what videos work you may know your content best. There’s no hard and fast rule .
    your channel.

    Links within the body text there are not clickable – but there is a designated link area at the foot of the page. If your content is strong and optimized – you owe it to yourself to ensure the channel where it resides shines .
    Note: the YouTube Creators Academy is also a fantastic resource.
    YouTube is enormous, and it’s no wonder that so many people are looking to boost the effectiveness of the content. Like standing out from the crowd, however comes conflicts. Here are five optimization tips for your YouTube videos which will enable you gain grip, get advocated, and to get started doing better in search.
    Video advertising has been getting huge for a few years. Videos make it possible for organizations to reach a larger audience – thanks to the prevalence of video advertising platforms – and to increase their sales and conversions. But it’s to really see ROI from your video marketing campaigns?
    Before having much time to position, A view increase. This may help keep the counter ticking up well after the video is established. In turn, this signals to YouTube that it important.

  2. View Density – Graham says: View density matters to YouTube. If your video receives a lot of views in a brief space of time, it is more likely to be pushed up the rankings.”
  3. Likes – These provide an indication of the involvement around a video,” Graham says. And the more visible your video is thanks to your channel, the more potential there is for likes and opinion that is positive. (Assuming your content is brilliant!)
  4. Remarks – A way for YouTube to gauge the authority and significance of movies,” according to Graham. And more likely to give the opportunity to respond to you, generate buzz, and maintain the community spirit of YouTube alive.
, YouTube SEO: Optimizing your channel in 5 steps
, YouTube SEO: Optimizing your channel in 5 steps
, YouTube SEO: Optimizing your channel in 5 steps

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