Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019

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February 6, 2019
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, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019

And what is most important is that the differences between typed and spoken queries might cause different SERP results. Which then means your opponents’ voice search optimized websites have greater chances of engaging your potential customers or readers.
The updated algorithm highlighted natural language processing and has been aimed at considering the consumers’ intent and the context of the query. After that, search queries organised in sentences have returned more relevant replies.
We talked with Jenny Halasz, speaker and consultant on SEO, and Shane Barker, digital advertising strategist, to get their insights on voice search engine optimization for 2019.
Facilitated by the launching of voice-based digital supporters like Siri and Alexa, voice search today represents a considerable part of online searches. And its share is only going to climb to a level that SEO experts can not deny its significance.

While voice hunt is certainly the future of the way we’ll do most hunts, there is not too much that you can do in order to optimize for it that is different than regular search engine optimization optimization,” Jenny says. Since Google’s aim will be to return the best result based on the individual, place, and history, it’s hard to guess exactly what the ideal answer for a question is.”
With the Hummingbird update in 2013, the concepts of typed and spoken hunt transformed a lot.

Voice search evolution

With voice hunt, people typically ask a long question since they would ordinarily speak. Consequently, the Hummingbird update gave a huge push to search engine optimization.

Perhaps you have tried to search for some data online when you’re multitasking and could not type the text? It would be quite challenging without the opportunity to run voice search.

Now, let’s turn to how to Really go about voice
Want your site rank as high for voice queries as for the typed ones? This guide will give you the six key steps to undertake for 2019.
The question is, who will be best prepared when voice hunt constitutes a vast majority share of all searches? And the reply to this is SEO experts that are devoting their time to it today.
But there’s another side to it. Though voice searches are inclined to be a really important part of SEO in the future, it isn’t the case now. While my advice would still be to begin preparing for this, I would advise against allocating a significant part of your financial plan to it.”
That was what voice hunt looked like in its infancy (to be precise, in 2010). And to little surprise, few individuals actually used it.
So, start learning about the principles of SEO for voice search. Nevertheless, don’t go overboard and employ a team for this — at least not yet.
The best place to start? Find out about Google’s Hummingbird and other algorithm updates and how they have altered the dynamics of SEO.
Likewise, Shane notes:
Experts differ on their views about search engine optimization. But most of them concur that it’s an significant part the SEO process.

Why do we will need to optimize for voice search?

Since that time, voice hunt has improved significantly.
Initially, the attribute could be retrieved only in English.
According to PWC report, 71% of respondents prefer to use their voice helper to search for something than physically typing their queries.

Recall when voice search required calling a phone number from your mobile device and stating your search query?
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019 They explore sites’ articles and supply you with whatever response is deemed most relevant.
Search engines understand that, and take it into account.
If you are not familiar with the name included snippets,” you almost certainly recognize what they look like. Featured snippets appear at the Peak of the SERPs.
For instance, when typing a question, a Individual Will Probably use the
On this topic, Jenny Halasz says:
Position number one — or procuring position zero — will probably be the main target for each business owner.
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019
For much more on user intent, read:

Six key components to consider in voice search optimization


The very same steps that you take now to optimize to get response boxes will aid you in voice search too.”
Incidentally, using long-tail keywords is good practice not just for voice hunt optimization but also for conventional SEO.
Intent may or may not be expressed.
The most significant concern about search? Individuals using voice hunt on cellular will get just one top result. This one result is affectionately dubbed position zero,” and everybody wants it.
So, what are the vital factors for you to consider optimizing for voice search?
So if you would like to optimize your page to get a featured snippet, then your primary aim should be understanding user intent and providing your viewers an immediate response.
User intent

Long tail keywords & queries
User intent tells us the reason a person typed their question into a search engine in the first location.
When people search for your website, do they wish to purchase something or are they searching for information?
In fact, key phrases comprising over two words face less problem (or competition) and supply higher chances to rank at the top.
Thus, you need to consider user intent when creating content, so as to boost the relevance of your pages to specific search queries.
Featured snippets matter because up to 30% of 1.4 million tested Google inquiries include them.
So if you would like to rank in voice search results, you should concentrate on providing such quality information that Google shows it at the featured snippet.
In the most likely situation, I am interested in the latest awards ceremony — maybe not in outcomes from 20 years ago.
By way of instance, I may search for oscar winners”

As I’ve previously mentioned, folks are inclined to use questions for voice search together with long phrases.
Typed and referenced hunts will output different outcomes. Meaning that optimizing your website for a traditional search doesn’t always look just like optimizing your website for search.
You can make sure that if the results comprise a featured snippet, your own voice assistant will pull its answer from there.
Sometimes intent is apparent and clearly expressed in the question with phrases like buy,” cost,” how to,” what is,” etc.. But other times, intent hides only in a consumer’s mind.

Utilize more conversational key terms and phrases which people use while speaking, not while studying. Basically, these can be long-tail search phrases but phrased in how that people speak.”
While looking for information via voice helper, people behave as if they’re talking to a human.
Many of us won’t use short, choppy keywords. We’ll ask questions and use long phrases. Answer your clients’ common queries on your site or blog. Use a conversational tone to get phrasing these questions, to rank well for voice queries.”
First of all, talking to a voice assistant, you’d start with Hey Siri…,” OK, Google,” etc.. These phrases make you think you’re communicating with your device, not simply running a keyword-based query. So when looking for the best java, you are likely to ask a query: Hello Siri, where can I drink the best coffee?”
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019
To find out what questions your intended audience may ask (rather than spend too much time doing it), you can use tools like Response the Public or Serpstat Lookup Questions. Disclaimer, I work at Serpstat and thus am obviously more familiar with the instrument.
Most relevant keywords and write something such as the ideal coffee in NYC.”

Specifically, you can use structured data markup to provide greater information to mobile devices about your website and its content.
Using our tool, as an instance, you would simply type the word or a word best describing the topic of your content. From that point, you’d be shown how people usually search for that topic.
After you answered the question right, you may also pay other related search questions. This can help you rank for since many variations of queries.

5. Structured data

You could also create H2 headers utilizing these questions and provide answers from the body text. Answer the questions concisely and be sure that the primary idea is said briefly.
In the picture below, the elements highlighted in red show where these wealthy snippets differ from ordinary ones:
When you choose the questions you are writing about in your post, add them into the pages around your site.
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019

For more about Page Speed, read:
Having this data may also help your pages appear in featured snippets and, consequently, in voice search results.
So to reach people searchers, page rate optimization really is high priority.
Notice as well that cellular rate is more important than desktop computer for voice search optimization. This goes for general layout as well — make sure that your site is mobile-friendly because the vast majority of voice searches occur via mobile devices.
Using schema markup, you can better control how that you provide info regarding your brand, and also how machines translate it.
Picture a person using voice search — they’re likely on the go or at a hurry.
Structured information is code inserted to HTML markup and used by search engines to better understand your site’s content.

Utilizing structured data, you can help search engines crawl and examine your articles efficiently.

Make sure you answer searcher queries

Implementing structured information results in wealthy snippets that are proven to increase click-through pace , drive traffic, and bring you competitive advantages.

This also remains true for countries, neighborhoods, as well as nations where your business works.

For more on local SEO, read:
A BrightLocal report found that 58 percent of customers use voice search to find local businesses.
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019
On the market, make sure you’ve added all of the crucial information, such as manufacturer name, address, opening hours, etc..
This comes as little surprise, since most men and women use voice hunt when they’re walking or driving somewhere. Mostly though, people use voice to discover where they ought to go.
For much more on structured info, read:
To find out ways to implement structured data to your website, utilize Schema.org terminology. They have a group of schemas which empowers SEO specialists to markup their sites.
People already use voice search extensively — and its popularity will only grow dramatically in the coming years.
If you own a donut store in LA, then, you want to add your city when optimizing key words.

Most importantly, people conducting voice search will likely utilize the word near me”

When elaborating ordered information, you should remember it’s simple to become spammy. Use the information that’s relevant to the information you supply.
While it may seem menacing now, the future with voice hunt is apparent. These six steps to voice lookup optimization will help you prepare to stay on top.
In this case, the search engine will use my place to understand which cafes are nearest to where I’m at the present time.
Rather, most search bots utilize Business info advice.
Here is what that looks like at the code:
And lastly, keep updating your markup, as everything will be continuously shifting. As we all know far too well, sites are never completed.
Those who already take voice lookup optimization into consideration within their SEO will improve their content visibility significantly, as voice lookup results increasingly narrow results to just top pages.

To Boost for Business Listings advice, you would have to go to a Google My Business page.

6. Local SEO

Optimize your Google My Business list and provide updated and accurate contact information. A good deal of voice hunts are for local queries and record your company there’ll allow you to rank better for such questions.”
Say I choose to eat some donuts.

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, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019
, Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019

As Jenny Halasz explains:
Keep in mind that near me” queries are just including a location intent to a search. It is not necessary to really use the words ” on your site anywhere. If you would like to position for pizza near me”, then, by all means, monitor that keyword’s functionality on your rank tools, but do not worry about putting near me” in your actual site code.”

To appear at the applicable results for these queries, though, you do not add the true phrase near me” to your content, naturally.

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