February 20, 2019

Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?

Gillette is probably like a lot of us and read the posts. Boom! Highest search traffic volume in 5 years, rather than just be a enormous spike, although a little bit. How did the Gillette video impact traffic? So people were driven to search for the merchandise by name that was branded. The ad has a lot of layers to it. But for the search engine marketing audience, we all know one of the main questions is, What was the effect on search traffic?” Okay this is just people because they play at Gillette stadium looking for the commercial, or advice about the Patriots. As expected, it was the highest since 2004 and spiked over the past 90 days. As you can see, Nike inventory has outperformed the Dow Jones over the previous 12 months, and was on its way to high and a 52 week. Having a look over […]
February 18, 2019

From Pageviews to People: Don’t Just Drive Traffic, Drive Customers [Webinar] by @brentcsutoras

Everyone knows that content is king” – and that it’s the most critical component for search engine discovery and ranking of a site. But all the organic traffic in the world is meaningless if that traffic does not convert into paying – or otherwise monetized – customers. Content Strategy for the Audience, Not Algorithms Want to learn how to create a long-term content strategy that focuses on acquisition instead of eyeballs? Then join our next webinar on Wednesday, February 20 at 2 p.m. EST with Michelle Robbins, founder and principal consultant at BetaGirl Consulting. Robbins will discuss how to implement a long-term content strategy that can improve customer acquisition even in the absence of increased search traffic. In this webinar, you’ll walk away with a plan for how to: Identify your target audience. Mine your first-party data and analytics to identify topic groups. Identify the ROI-positive tactics unique to your […]
February 16, 2019

My Secret Playbook: 28 Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Your Traffic and Revenue

And in just a year of doing this, those pages will take until the very top of Google for competitive conditions. It is counter-intuitive but once someone gives you their name and email, they are more likely to give you the rest of their advice because they have already started the procedure. You could even email everyone who didn’t finish the registration process and convert a few of those people. If you’re already rank for popular phrases, take them and place them into Ubersuggest. You can experiment, conduct tests, but digital advertising is not as easy as it was. Years ago, once I began as an internet entrepreneur, companies used to raise money to employ engineers and build infrastructure. But today, technology is now simple to construct and companies such as Amazon Web Services save you millions on infrastructure costs. That is why advertising has gotten so competitive. But that […]
February 2, 2019

The Way to scale your Social Networking marketing to Construct traffic and leads

Well, both may be true but only in the Event That You do this wrong: Put your articles in front of influencers where they expect it Even in case you have a dedicated full time social media team at your disposal, constantly publishing on interpersonal websites is difficult to achieve. Big corporations have rotating changes that manage it for most of us we need to operate on a smaller scale, especially budget wise. Social media posting Social media tracking and evaluation You share their content, they share yours. Both get some much needed exposure and with no shady cover deals. It’s simple and effective. My personal method is to sit down each month and strategy a month’s worth of social media articles based around content that is going to be dispersed and is already advised to post. Utilizing ContentCal, I get all of those posts ready to go on all […]