February 18, 2019

7 Ways to Use Facebook Lead Gen Ads You May Not Have Thought Of by @michellemsem

Just because something is specifically developed for a specific purpose doesn’t mean that there is only one use for it. Lead gen ads on Facebook (and LinkedIn) are just such an example in online advertising. They were developed to help lead generation companies, B2B or B2C, generate leads to follow up within their sales pipelines. But their uses don’t stop there. Whether lead gen or ecommerce focused, most companies have found some way to use personal information to their benefit. Lead gen ads are a fast and easy way to get that information as someone is perusing their favorite social media platforms. Here are seven ideas for using lead gen ads for companies that don’t generate leads. 1. Newsletter/Email List Sign Ups No one ever bought anything while not thinking about it (unless they gave their child a device with Amazon 1-click buy set up). Newsletters or regular email updates […]