February 7, 2019

Top Abilities for PPC, Paid Search, and SEM Specialists in 2019

The new year often comes with a resolution to find a new job. Therefore, many companies put their search for new talent until after the holiday season. A new study from SEMrush examined more than 4,500 PPC project listings on Monster and Truly in countries around the world, from the United States and the UK to India. The results showed quite a few region-specific needs for new hires. In the United Kingdom and India, content advertising borrows queen I would not consider’content marketing’ as the most stylish skill for this profile, that’s the case for Indian and also the UK marketplace,” Manchanda states. Perhaps these are job posting out of startups that want to find an all-rounder who could bring about Content Marketing as well.” That makes January the perfect month to review resumes and be sure they are up to date on the skills employers are looking for. H […]