February 14, 2019

GoogleBot Not Indexing Right Pages? Google Offers 5 Ways to Fix by @martinibuster

Google’s John Mueller answered a Reddit question about indexing issues. Although the question was specific to an AngularJS issue, the solutions Google’s John Mueller offered are useful for all sites. His answer could be applied to almost anyone who asks, Why isn’t Google indexing my content properly?” Google’s Mueller offered five tips to diagnose canonicalization problem. Make Sure GoogleBot Can Index the Code Measure Content Processing Speed Minimize Resources Needed to Load Main Content Make it Easy to Reach Unique Content Canonicalization Issues May be a Symptom of Indexing Issues 1. Make Sure GoogleBot Can Index the Code Today’s CMS templates are designed with users in mind. Consequently they use JavaScript and CSS to create good user experiences. However, the code can be too complex for GoogleBot to render. GoogleBot renders code according to the web standards associated with Chrome 41. Chrome 41 was released in 2015. So if the […]