February 23, 2019

17 top plugins and extensions for SEO

Free extension Free extension Experts are helped by this exceptionally popular plugin by Yoast . The tool will let you: Serpstat SEO & Website Analysis Plugin has now three tabs: Page Analysis, On-page SEO parameters, and Domain Analysis. Here are the crucial parameters you will get with the plugin: It. Serpstat Plugin provides the critical information on key words, traffic, and page visibility. WordPress plugin Experts also say it’s great on using technologies that are specific you can acquire global trends. This plugin is perfect for those who deal with content. SEO TextOptimizer lets you gauge the quality of texts you create based on how search engines would evaluate it. Add meta keywords, name, and description to your articles. Provide clear site navigation for crawlers and users. Examine your on-page SEO. You may examine keywords, descriptions, and your content. This extension allows you find what a site you’re currently visiting […]