February 20, 2019

YouTube Optimization: Complete Guide

The Audience Retention report analyses : According to Alexa’s international traffic rankings, YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world. It is important that you know that embedding videos will not directly improve your rankings in Google SERPs, based on Google’s John Mueller. In a nutshell, once your visitors see that your website is sharing content that is beneficial and informative they are most likely to return. Thus, over time engaging resource and making your site authoritative. YouTube ranking variables Considering that Google owns YouTube, it does not come as a surprise that you can boost your natural visibility by embedding videos and spending some time optimizing your content that is video on YouTube. Targeting your videos – Recognizing searcher intent, keyword research and video creation. Optimizing your videos – Making a branded presence, optimizing names, tags and descriptions. Promoting your videos – Getting real, engaged perspectives on […]
February 20, 2019

Page Rate Optimization: Metrics, Tools, and How to Improve

Typically the DOM will have to request resources from your server to generate everything happen, and this is where things start to slow your site down. Having that sort of background knowledge I hope will help in us being able to triage some of these issues. We know that a site is suggested by Google. The quicker the better, obviously. But that’s sort of where the range is. I highly suggest you have a view of that. Put your competitors into some of these tools and benchmark your speed goals against what is aggressive in your industry. I think that’s a way. It is a complex subject that tends to be technical, although page speed is an important consideration for your search engine optimization work. What are the most crucial things to know about your site’s page rate, and how do you begin to improve? In this week’s edition of […]
February 7, 2019

Voice search optimization guide: Six steps for 2019

And what is most important is that the differences between typed and spoken queries might cause different SERP results. Which then means your opponents’ voice search optimized websites have greater chances of engaging your potential customers or readers. The updated algorithm highlighted natural language processing and has been aimed at considering the consumers’ intent and the context of the query. After that, search queries organised in sentences have returned more relevant replies. We talked with Jenny Halasz, speaker and consultant on SEO, and Shane Barker, digital advertising strategist, to get their insights on voice search engine optimization for 2019. Facilitated by the launching of voice-based digital supporters like Siri and Alexa, voice search today represents a considerable part of online searches. And its share is only going to climb to a level that SEO experts can not deny its significance. While voice hunt is certainly the future of the way […]