March 2, 2019

The Way to Identify and Tackle Keyword Cannibalisation in 2019

Distilled Shoes Ankle Boots boots/chelsea-boots/ Women’s Chelsea Boots This unnoticed and unfortunate problem harms the search engine optimization potential of the pages included. When more than 1 page has the same/similar key word target, it creates confusion” in the eyes of the search engine, resulting in a struggle to determine what page to rank for what term. Where is most common to find cannibalisation problems in SEO? Despite the fact that the expression cannibalisation” doesn’t sound very suitable for electronic advertising, this core concept has been around for a long time. This term simply refers to the problem of getting multiple pages competing for the same (or very similar) keywords/keyword clusters, hence the cannibalisation. If you read the title of this blog and even only for a second, thought about the iconic film The Silence of the Lambs”, welcome to the club you aren’t alone! I realise that some of […]