March 2, 2019

Are Dedicated Landing Pages Hurting Your Conversion Rate? by @amyppc

Every paid search campaign needs a dedicated landing page.” Digital marketers hear this advice so often that it feels like an undisputed fact. Unfortunately, a specific format – a dedicated” standalone landing page – isn’t all that’s needed to guarantee a successful paid search campaign. Dedicated landing pages can actually result in lower conversion rates than an advertiser’s busier primary website. You may have even experienced this yourself, and you’re about to see why. So what causes dedicated landing pages to fail? Pages that ignore the needs and desires of their visitors won’t inspire them to take action. Here are three case studies I’ve seen first hand where focusing on page elements rather than people can cause your campaigns to end in disaster. Mistake 1: You Launched a ‘Radical Redesign’ Rather Than Listening to Your Audience You’re changing your offer. Targeting a brand new audience. Introducing new features and options. […]