March 11, 2019
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How retailers can survive Amazon’s stronghold in Google search

Retail marketers can’t out-Amazon on the paid Google SERP, but they can find white space. Among the metrics that can help is impression share. It’s in the Google Auction Insights report for shopping and paid search campaigns. Impression share is the percentage of impressions your ads received divided by the estimated number of impressions the ads were eligible to receive. Google determines eligibility based on a number of factors, including targeting settings, approval statuses and quality. On the surface, impression share can help you understand whether your ads might reach more shoppers if you increase your bids or budget. But a smarter way to use impression share is for gaining context into how your advertising environment is shifting. Evaluate it alongside other performance and competitive metrics. From there, use those insights to identify how to adapt your campaigns and bidding strategy to the changing competitive pressure. Let’s take a look […]