֎ SEO results

These are just a few of my SEO results that I got for my customers and they depict the number of keywords ranked as Top 1 (number 1 on page 1 of Google), Top 3 on page 1, Top 10 (page 1 of Google), Top 30 (on first 3 pages of Google results), Top 50 (on first 5 pages of results) and Top 100 (in first 10 pages of Google or first 100 results).
And these are just some of the tracked keywords that these website rank for, many keywords are yet to be discovered.
As for the ones that I didn’t have time to update the reports for, you will be able to see for how many Organic keywords they are ranking in the last image cell.

KelsusIT – refurbished IT equipment supplier

This is a company I worked for from April 2017 until the beginning of September 2018 when I moved from London to Birmingham. Together with one friend, we were supposed to take over from the previous online manager and do better. We did (over 400% more sales than the previous year in under 8 months – close to £ 3 million), but the idea is to showcase the SEO results. To keep it short, SEO (at least for their website) was never the main focus and had to work on it whenever I had time. Here you go:
Unfortunately, I was so busy I didn’t think to take screenshots from the beginning to see the whole evolution. I remember the website having somewhere between 1 – 1.5k visitors a month and ended up with more the 7k ORGANIC per month in just a few months and ranking for more than 25000 keywords.

SleepingBagHub – Sleeping Bags Online Shop

LoveVape – Vape Shop London

Dr IT Services – Computer Repair

BestLadyShavers - Recommendations for 2019

TimlessSkinCare – Beauty Clinic London

Baby-bath-tub.com – Online Shop