SEO analysis

April 19, 2019
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Using Python to recover SEO site traffic (Part three)

When you incorporate machine learning techniques to speed up SEO recovery, the results can be amazing. This is the third and last installment from our series on using Python to speed SEO traffic recovery. In part one, I explained how our unique approach, that we call “winners vs losers” helps us quickly narrow down the pages losing traffic to find the main reason for the drop. In part two, we improved on our initial approach to manually group pages using regular expressions, which is very useful when you have sites with thousands or millions of pages, which is typically the case with ecommerce sites. In part three, we will learn something really exciting. We will learn to automatically group pages using machine learning. As mentioned before, you can find the code used in part one, two and three in this Google Colab notebook. Let’s get started. URL matching vs content […]
March 15, 2019

API advantages for SEO experts Search Engine Watch

Who can argue that building an SEO strategy is not a time-consuming thing? Keyword research, niche analysis, technical audit, link building — all these tasks are just a small part of an SEO’s daily routine. Willing to automate search engine optimization processes, experts use special tools and software. But it’s not always sufficient when analyzing the results Of course, solving some basic issues for a small website isn’t that difficult with quality SEO tools. On the other hand, if you work with several sites and analyze lots of data, you’ll need to find ways of saving your time. At this point, people may look into implementing other methods into their working process. Here usually come various SEO extensions and plugins. They are very convenient as you can activate them in one click right from the page you’re analyzing. However, extensions often have even fewer features than the SEO tool itself. If […]