Local Search Engine Optimization - acquire customers through marketing, local SEO services and Google optimized website

Increases the visibility of your business by driving your website on the top of the local listing. If you have a local business (Birmingham for example) then you need geographically-relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted local rankings that will lead your company to reach the right demographic of customers.

Responsive Website Loads & Ranks Faster

Search engines rank fast loading mobile-ready websites higher because that is what their customers (search engine users) want. You’ve heard this before so here is the quick list to a faster website: Optimize and minimize images in the right format and enable Gzip compression and browser cache. Minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and remove unused plugins and apps.

Optimize Your GoogleMyBusiness

Google likes to keep things in-house as much as possible, so it favors its own accurate and current business listings when giving local search results to its users. Additionally, if you want any chance of showing up in the life-altering Local 3-Pack which prominently displays the top three most relevant results for local search, you have to verify and optimize your GMB listing.

Get More Customer Reviews for Your GMB

Google has put a much larger ranking power on customer reviews, putting them front and center in the three-pack and showing snippets of reviews on search engine results pages. Getting those golden stars to show up in search engine results with schema reviews markups helps your business stand out and increases your click-through rates.

Best Practices for Getting Local Customers

As there is with every type or marketing or advertising strategy, there are proven, time tested best practices that when implemented correctly will help you immensely with your Local SEO (e.g. Birmingham, London) campaign: Keyword Research, Optimizing Title Tags & Meta Description, Image Optimisation, Anchor Text Optimisation, URL Structure


Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Birmingham


According to Moz:

1. Google is steadily moving to a mobile-only world. Mobile-first indexing seems like the inevitable consequence of a year (or more) almost exclusively dedicated to evangelizing and forcing a change of mindset from desktop to mobile.

2. Albeit links are still essential for rankings (see Penguin 4.0), Google's investigative efforts seem almost fully devoted to entity, predictive, and personalized search. Again, quite logical if we consider deeply personal devices like mobile and home assistants.

3. For the same reason, voice search seems to be the next frontier of search, partly because Bing — using a different business strategy than Google — may represent a big competitor in this arena.

4. Since John Giannandrea has become the Senior Vice President of Search at Google, machine and deep learning began to be used by default in every facet of Google Search. Thus, we should expect them to be used even more in 2017, perhaps with specific algorithms improving Hummingbird at every phase.

5. In a mobile-only world, the relevance of local search is even higher. This seems to be the strategic reason both for an update like Possum and all the tests we see in local, and also of the acquisition of a company like Urban Engines, whose purpose is to analyze the "Internet of Moving Things."

6. The acquisition of startups like MoodStock and EyeFluence (but also Anvato and Famebit) seems to suggest that video/images and video/images marketing will be a central focus for Google, perhaps also because YouTube is struggling against Facebook (and not just Facebook) when it comes to videos/images and their monetization.


Don't be afraid of marketing strategies and services that your competition is already taking advantage of.

Description: Very satisfied , very profesional , very serious !

Rating: 5 out of 5

Dr. IT SEO services – Local SEO is one of the most important strategies for promoting local businesses targeted in a particular region or city.

Therefore, the main objective of Local SEO is focused on promoting the geographical component.

You need Local SEO if you own a local business (a restaurant, beauty salon, shop, auto service, etc.) with a physical location, not just a virtual one.

To promote local business optimization are necessary: on the page, but also off the page, that has a specific character.

Research shows that great importance for Local SEO has external links and optimizing your site.

Below we present the factors influencing the ranking on the first page of the organic results of a local site (business):

  1. Link Signals-29%;
  2. On-page local SEO Signals -24%;
  3. Behavioural Signals -11%;
  4. Customization -9%;
  5. Citation Signals -8%;
  6. Google My Business -7%;
  7. Review Signals-7%;
  8. Social Signals-5%.

What could you do specifically for your business? There are a number of steps, we offer our guests a few ideas and tips, but you must be aware of the fact that SEO in general, and Local SEO are not exact sciences.

Therefore, the key to success here is to experiment.

On-Page Website SEO

Optimizing internal links for a local business is different (not radical) by optimizing the site for a business with a national or global character.

Here are some aspects:

Contact information (Name Address Phone)

For local SEO Birmingham strategy, company name, address and telephone number (with the area dialling code associated) are extremely useful information, since this data is most relevant to a local client.

Contact information must be added to both your website and to external sites in the niche in which you activate or on websites, relevant to the local area of your business.

For the business (website) to be easily found locally, we recommend that you show longitude and latitude.

This information is very helpful for local potential buyers, owners of GPS (be it smartphones or sat navs).

Important: regardless of where NAP is published (on site or off site), it is necessary that they should be the same on every page (internal or external) and do not contain errors.

It is strongly recommended that contact details be added as HTML text on the site, and not included in the pictures, because HTML texts are indexed better by search engine robots, but also because this makes it possible to copy the text from the website to Google Maps or on the phone (to call).

The usual place to indicate your contact information is the header or footer (footer.php). It would be good also to create local optimized pages “about us”, “Contact”, where to display NAP information.

This information must be placed on all pages on your website. It would be good for adding this data to be implemented in microdata format (structured data) schema.org.

Advice #1 Implement schema.org/LocalBusiness

Schema.org is a set of HTML attributes by which search engines understand better the content of a page.

To add standard contact information in the footer of the web-site, you can use the following section of code:

<div itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/LocalBusiness”>

<p itemprop=”name”>COMPANY NAME</p>

<div itemprop=”address” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/PostalAddress”>
<p itemprop=”streetAddress”>ADDRESS (STREER, No)</p>
<p itemprop=”addressLocality”>CITY</p>
<p itemprop=”addressRegion”>REGION</p>
<p itemprop=”postalCode”>POSTCODE</p>

<p itemprop=”telephone”>PHONE NUMBER</p>

<meta itemprop=”latitude” content=”LATITUDINE“/>

<meta itemprop=”longitude” content=”LONGITUDINE“/>


You can get the coordinates directly from Google maps. To do this, right-click on the desired location and select “What is Here”. The coordinates will then be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Schema.org can also be implemented for the work programme, which must be found on the page of your website.

<time itemprop=”openingHours” datetime=”Tu,Th 16:00-20:00“>Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-8pm</time>.

URL, title, meta description

These elements have a great role for on-page local SEO and require increased attention, and optimizing them for a local business necessarily implies displaying the actual location.

It would be well to show in the URL the city in which your business is located.

So, if you are the owner of a dentist providing services in Birmingham, and your website is www. dentist. co.uk, create a page that aims at local searches. Example:

www. dentist. co.uk/birmingham/

It is pointless to repeat the word dentist because it’s already is in your domain name. If the website address is www. name-surname.co.uk then you could go for:

www. name-surname.co.uk/dentist-birmingham/

Repeating keywords is not recommended either in the title or in the other locations. Page title suggestion:

Dental practice Birmingham – NameSurname

The meta description is a summary of the web page, and appears in the list of organic results of search engines, under the page title.

Meta description has the role is to convince Google users to access specific links. That is why it must be well written, containing important ideas and not just a list of keywords.


Law offices of law firm X, provides advice and legal assistance in civil law, family law, at affordable prices.

Website Content

The main requirements when we talk about Local SEO services is relevance (general rule for SEO) and use keywords that include the name of the city or region, if necessary.

Another issue which requires attention is the creation of a blog on the site. It brings some advantages in your Local SEO campaign:

  • will show interesting and useful information for users/clients;
  • will bring backlinks (strategy for link building);
  • will provide fresh content (freshness), if you write regularly.

Promote industry success locally, in local news, write about events in the city where your business is located, etc.

On your blog, you can place articles on various topics associated with your business.

For example, if you are the owner of a fruit and vegetable shop, you can post articles about their health benefits or unusual recipes/traditional fruit and vegetables.


Consumers are seeking information about the company, but also about each product/service provided.

Simplifies their choice, offering them the opportunity to see the opinion of other customers.

Mobile version

The majority of users on the search engines are using mobile phones and search for information in the area in which they are located, either because they need something ASAP, whether it’s a psychological comfort.

Where a potential customer needs what you have to offer, make sure that you can be found.

When it comes to an emergency, most of the time, people do not have easy access to a laptop, but the phone literally in their hands.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you went out for a bicycle ride. At one point you see that you have a flat wheel.

What will you do? Probably, you’ll seek an exit from the situation.

You are looking for a store with spare parts for bicycles around or a service that could assist you there and then! That’s why a mobile version for a local business is more than necessary.

Make sure that the loading speed is fast. Typically, the client searches for a location on his phone when he’s in a rush, and it will have a bad experience if the desired page will load slowly.

Off-Page Website SEO

Google My Business for Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Presence in Google My Business (GMB) is very important for any business. When someone searches for a location, Google Maps appears, usually at the top or right of the organic results.

If your business is not showing on the map, people won’t be able to find it.

You do not have a GMB yet? No worries! You only need to log in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create it.

Verify that there isn’t already a page for your business (or one with the same address), created with bad intent, you could claim as the owner.

You need to be authorized to make this step. If it happens you claim someone else’s company and they flag you, you could lose your current account.

A page on Google My Business must contain the following information:

Advice #2 Email address

It is preferable that it be assigned to the domain name, but not a generic one.

We recommend to create addresses of type: office@domainname.co.uk, it provides added credibility and looks better than one with the suffix @gmail. com.

Advice #3 Name of business

The name shown on the Google page My Business must be the one who owns the business, without any additional words.

The same name is indicated on the site at the entrance to the location, i.e. that which is known to the client. According to the terms & conditions (Google My Business), it is not permissible to include additional information in the naming.

Advice #4 Address

Display the precise and correct address to describe the location of your company. May include numbers of apartments, buildings, floors, etc.

If the physical address does not indicate the exact location of your official company other information may be included, such as intersections and local attractions.

It is advisable to create only one page for each location.

If the address does not include a street number, or if you know that you have entered the correct address, but Google doesn’t find it, you can pinpoint the exact location of the company directly on the map.

Showing the correct address is a very important aspect because you want, surely, to be found easily by the customer.

Advice #5 Phone number

Specifies the phone number which customers can directly contact the company without various forwards.

Make sure that you have shown, if appropriate, a local phone number, not a central number and that you have not forgotten the prefix.

I must say that the NAP information used on external websites are known as citations.

Advice #6 URL

It would be fair to show the “Home” URL to your website. This is especially good for sites with a single location.

Advice #7 Category/type of local business

Categories are used to describe the company to connect with customers who are looking for the services they provide.

If, for example, you choose the main category as “Italian Restaurant”, Google will show the company in local search result people who search for “Restaurants”, “Italian restaurants”, “Pizza”, etc. in the area where they are located.

Showing the wrong category can affect your business position in the search engine result.

The category in which it is classified your business should describe exactly what it is, but not what it does.

Below, we offer some examples of correct and erroneous inclusions:

If the category from which you would think would be appropriate to your business isn’t available, choose one, which, however, we describe the exact company.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of creating a category of their own.

Advice #8 Working hours

Specification of working hours is an important consideration for a future client.

For the days when the company is closed, for example, during the holidays, you can enter a special working schedule.

In this case, the regular programme of work will still be valid for the remaining days.

It is recommended that you confirm your holiday schedule.

Thus, clients will have the certainty that the holiday program is revised.

For certain types of businesses, it’s not recommended showing the working hours.

In this category are businesses with a varied program or those that operate solely on the basis of scheduled meetings.

Also, it is not recommended showing for: hotels, motels, movie theaters, schools and universities, airports, transportation services, function rooms.

Advice #9 Details about the company

The most important information that you provide is the General details about your business, you will note in the heading as “Introduction.”

This text must be unique, original, easy to read and understand, containing 200-400 words and not just a list of keywords.

Advice #10 Photos

GMB page must contain at least 3 photos, essential for the manner in which registration occurs as a result of the search: a photo, a photo with the company logo and a cover. Upload photos, high quality.

Profile Photo – It is necessary for users to easily recognize the company on Google and must accurately describe your business that you own.

This will be displayed next to your company name on Google + page.

Logo – Helps customers to identify your business, it’s kind of an ID for users. It is very important for branding.

Cover Photo – To customize page. Is that great photo presented at the top of the page, Google +. Must be of the right size and will be cropped to fit the size of 16:9.

You can add more photos to highlight those features of the company in relation to which the customers make buying decisions.

You can add different types of photos, depending on the type of company that you manage.

You must be aware that if you provide as much detail (accurate and conclusive) about your business, it will be much easier for your potential customers, but also by the spam bots search engines to find you.

It is an important aspect for a local business.

Therefore, make sure that the percentage indicator (which show the level of filling your profile) on your page reaches 100%.

Social media for Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Because millions of people spend time daily on social media, generating and consuming information, social networks are a good means of promoting a business.

When users search for you on Google, the company may see links to profiles on social networks your business included in the additional information about the company.

Google would be able to retrieve the associated pages’ engagement from profiles on social networks.

Thus, a good reputation in social media enhances collaborative decision of potential customers, but it can help in SEO as well.

For Local SEO strategy in social media is important:

– showing NAP information;
– showing the working hours;
– publication of news/local events;
– creating the possibility of leaving reviews on social networks.

External reviews

Reviews count very much on Google Maps listings. Good reviews can influence both the positioning in the search engine’s results and customer choice.

It’s obvious if you’ve got good reviews, you earn the trust of consumers.

Especially since some engines even offer filters and with these ratings, you can take your business to the top (if the review is positive) or you can remove it from the list (if you are below a certain rating).

For a local business, the presence of positive reviews can be vital.

Potential customers may be forced to choose another business (since there are many other local competing), taking into account the opinion of other consumers.

What to do if there are negative reviews (they cannot be avoided, it is also possible to be written with bad intentions by the competition)?

Disgruntled clients are those that offer more often feedback because they are prone to post about your business.

If you get negative reviews, do not neglect or delete them.

React calmly, promptly, trying to solve the problem, so you give proof of seriousness.

If the review is negative and shows the intent of competition to denigrate you, request their removal.

Where this is not possible, you can’t do anything else than to trust that you will get more 5-star reviews.

Get reviews on your site, Google and social networks.

We recommend that you focus on reviews.

You could ask your relatives and friends to write her opinions, but it’s not a long-term solution.

It would be better to be recommended by satisfied customers (encourage them to do so).

Backlinks – Part of Local SEO services strategy to increase authority & traffic

Through backlinks, your business gains web authority.

The process of link building for Local SEO it’s easier because it simplifies your efforts that should be directed more towards local partners.

Linking partnerships with local newspapers, blogs, journals in your area.

Since we have clarified what Local SEO is and how it works, it would be appropriate to talk about businesses that have a few locations (whether in the same country or in the same city).

Seems to be a difficult subject, but in reality not all that complicated.

The idea is that you should follow all the steps listed above, but for each location separately. So, in fact, act like different businesses.

On-site changes you should do differently from one business location are:

  • Landing page for each location. The ideal would be that each location to have a unique page, and the information presented differently, adjusting operating hours.
  1. www. YourWebsite. com/store-Birmingham
  2. www. YourWebsite. com/store-Oxford
  3. www. YourWebsite. com/store-London
  • Relevant Content for the page created for each region. Avoid the mistake many companies do who post on every page the same local articles, announcements, etc. Choose custom themes for various regions, adjusted to interests and news there.
  • The title, subtitle, meta description must be optimized for each location.

Preferably it would be for the reviews to be categorized for each location.

Because the experience of users in one location may be different from those in other locations, but also because it is easier to monitor all feedback.

If you have a business with multiple locations, you might want to create different accounts on Google My Business.

Even though it’s the same city, once you have two different addresses, it would be good to have two different accounts (anywhere on Google My Business, social networks, review sites, etc).

Keep in mind! For different locations must be different and NAP details, work hours and info for those specific locations.

Local SEO & Marketing – Conclusion:

Although it seems that it is not very hard to do Local SEO and do not require too much of an investment of time or financial resources, the reality is another.

The time invested (in case you deal with SEO) is quite high, while financial resources depend on the degree of competition, goals etc.

Make sure you choose well: you handle Local SEO or use an SEO professional.

It’s important not to forget that the most important aspect of SEO is quality.

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