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Hello, everybody. I am Barry Adams. I’m a technical SEO consultant at Polemic Digital along with a professional in news SEO. Today we are going to be talking about ways to get into Google News. I get a whole lot of queries from a great deal of people about Google News and specifically the way you get a website into Google News, because it’s a very fantastic source of traffic for websites. Once you’re in the Google News Index, it is possible to show up in the top stories carousel from Google search results, and that can send a great deal of traffic your way.
You have to jump through, as I mentioned, many hoops. Some specialized requirements are very important to understand as well.
To start with, you have to get a dedicated news site. You have to keep in mind when you apply to be included in Google News, there is a team of Googlers that will manually review your site to decide whether or not you’re worthy of being at the News index. That’s a manual procedure, and your website has become a dedicated news website.
So how do you get to Google News? How do you go about getting your site to be a part of Google News’ guide index so you can find that best stories traffic for yourself? Well, it is not always as easy as it makes it seem.
So that’s the first hurdle and possibly the most important one. If you can’t obvious that obstacle, you should not even attempt getting into Google News.
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I get a lot of questions from people asking if they really have an information section or a site on their website and if this could be included in Google News. The answer tends to be no. Google doesn’t want news websites in there which aren’t completely about information, that are commercial websites that have a news department. They do not really want that. They want committed news websites, sites whose sole purpose is to give news and content on particular topics and specific niches.

Have stationary, unique URLs.

2. Meet technical requirements

1. Possessing a dedicated news website

Today we are handling a question that a lot people have requested over time: how can you raise your likelihood of getting your articles into Google News? We’re thrilled to welcome renowned SEO specialist Barry Adams to share the frame you have to have set up so as to have a chance of appearing at that much-coveted Google News carousel.

How do you get into Google News’ manually curated index?

Mark up articles with NewsArticle ordered data.

There’s also quite a few different items which are technically optional, however I find them as pretty much mandatory because it actually helps with getting your content picked up in Google News very fast and also makes sure you get that top stories carousel position as fast as possible, and that is where you may get most of your information traffic out of.
If your content is based on JavaScript implementation, it’ll never be seen by Google News. Google News only uses the very first stage of indexing, based purely on the HTML source code. So keep your JavaScript into a minimum and make sure the content of your articles is present in the HTML source code and doesn’t need any JavaScript to be viewed to be present.
It also helps to have clean code. By code that is clean, I mean that the post content in the HTML source code must be one continuous block of code from the headline all the way towards the finish. That will lead to the best and most effective indexing in Google News, because I have seen many examples where sites put things in the center of the article code, like related articles or video carousels, photograph galleries, and that may actually mess up how Google News indexes the articles. So having clean code and make sure that the post code is in one continuous block of readily understood HTML code will work the best for Google News.
Mostly the information XML sitemap, Google claims that this is optional but recommended, and I agree with them . Having a news-specific XML sitemap that lists posts that you have published in the previous 48 hours, up to a max of 1,000 posts, is absolutely needed. For me personally, I think this is Google News’ main discovery mechanism whenever they crawl your website and attempt to find new articles.

Have clean code.

, How to Get Into Google News – Whiteboard Friday

Have a news-specific XML sitemap.

I also think it’s quite

Additional things. If you have content with dynamically generated URLs, then that doesn’t tend to work with Google News really nicely. So you need to keep this in mind and make sure that your content, both your posts and your static section pages are on fixed URLs that don’t to alter over time.
Additionally, it helps to have all your content in plain HTML. Google News, when it suggests your content, it is all about speed. It attempts to index articles as fast as possible. So any content that needs such as client-side JavaScript or alternative sort of scripting languages tends to not work for Google News. Google has a two-stage indexing procedure, where the first phase relies upon the HTML source code and the next phase is based on an entire render of the webpage, including executing JavaScript.
So that news-specific XML sitemap is absolutely crucial, and you also want to be certain to have this in place before you submit your site to Google News.

D. Specialized niche/topic

But article or news article markup on your article pages is pretty much mandatory. I see your likelihood of getting into the top stories carousel much improved if you have that markup employed on your article pages.

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Possessing daily upgrades definitely is needed. You do not want only one news post every couple of days. Ideally, multiple brand new articles every single day which also should be unique. You can have some type of syndicated content on there, such as from feeds, either from AP or Reuters or whatever, but the majority of your content needs to be your own special content. You don’t need to rely too much on syndicated articles to fill your website with news content.