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November 1, 2020
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Finding the right keywords is essential for good SEO because if you don’t you’ll struggle to rank on the correct terms that might help boost your website. The keywords you go for will determine how successful your website is, and the volume of people that see it.

When picking out keywords and phrases, businesses want to find the right mix of competitiveness and search volume. There are phrases that get a lot of searches, however, because of this, these phrases become incredibly competitive as a lot of businesses are all trying to rank higher on the search results for them. There are less competitive searches, however, this might mean that too few people search for them. These two factors can make finding the right keyword a lot trickier than first imagined. To help, here are a few ways people can find the best keywords for their business.

Use a Keyword Research Tool

Using a keyword research tool is perhaps one of the most robust ways an individual can research for keywords themselves. These tools, which can be provided by a lot of different SEO specialists, enable people to search for keywords and discover many key metrics about them, such as their search volume and competitiveness.

What a few of these tools can do too is that they can actually offer alternative keywords and phrases that actually might be better than the one you’ve searched. This can make it a lot easier to find targeted keywords that have high potential of actually working. Once you have a keyword, make sure to include it within your SEO optimized copywriting, especially in your title, meta description, opening 100 words and alt text of images.

Use A White Label SEO Reseller

Another option that businesses can do it to make SEO a lot easier and to ensure that they get the right keywords for their business by enlisting the help of a third-party SEO reseller. These agencies are designed to help businesses in many aspects of their SEO, with many focusing primarily on link building.

These agencies usually have a great mix of not only access to some of the best keyword research tools, but also experts within their organization who will know what to look out for when finding a great keyword. This makes using these services a great option for optimizing your business for search engines and can make finding keywords a doddle, because they’ll do it themselves.

Conduct Your Own Research

The only problem with the previously mentioned methods of finding keywords is that they both require money to do so. Most keyword research tools aren’t free and to get access to SEO resellers you have to hire them.

Thankfully, there are ways to conduct your own SEO keyword research, however, it isn’t going to be as foolproof as the other methods. Regardless of that, one good thing you can do is to use Google’s predictive text to find out some regularly searched terms. For example, you can search ‘carpenter’ and before clicking search see the predictive search options. This can guide you in creating an effective keyword term.

Another thing you can do is to research forums that are related to your business niche and to look for terms and phrases that appear pretty often. This is good because it means that if people who are enthusiastic to the type of stuff your business is selling, you can use this enthusiasm to attract customers. This can be as simple as writing an article that answers common questions or popular questions that appear on these forums.

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