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You want to please folks.
Same goes with your own boss.
It is actually that simple. All you need to do is say no.
For example, with my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital, individuals request discounts all of the time.
The moment I ceased saying yes, things began to change. I started to make more money, my clients were happier, people ceased trying to walk around me, and my team members were more happy with me.

Why do you say yes?”

And regrettably it took me years to figure out what I was doing wrong.
In other words, saying yes when you shouldn’t might make people happy with you briefly, but in the long term, they will be disappointed and, oftentimes, angry with you.
Obviously, there is a time and place to say yes to individuals, but not always. Sometimes people request things that are unrealistic.
It follows that not only will you regret your decision, but they will be upset with you because of their poor performance.
I was a people pleaser. Particularly when it came to business.
Can you imagine what my sales staff states?
Obviously, you’ll need to explain why, but it’s a very powerful word that won’t make people mad with you as long as you use it right.
And if you keep saying yes, believe it or not, then it will not make them joyful. In reality, it is going to make them more upset.
Or sometimes a boss might ask you to complete a job within a really tight deadline that you know is not possible.
Sounds too good to be true…
I understand what you are thinking… this sounds crazy, correct? By telling folks what they don’t want to hear what miraculously gets improved?
But they say it well and typically tell potential clients….
The reason you say yes is most likely the same reason I also said yes.
For example, when it comes to decreasing the price or your service so much that you’ll lose cash, it won’t inspire you to help out your customer. And even more significant, you won’t be able to spend the energy and time your customer will need because you’re losing money.
A lot of the time it is requesting a radical discount on your product or service… a reduction that will make you eliminate money.

So, what should you say instead of yes?

Can you guess what that error is?
The issue with this mistake is the fact that it isn’t clear. Not just entrepreneurs, but people, generally speaking, make it to get the vast majority of their lifestyles.
We can’t go down in price. We charge this much because we know what it takes to offer results, and if we went down in cost, we will not Have the Ability to provide you with
Well, here is how it works.
Now think about it this way: whenever you say yes only to please people it’ll make things worse. I said no, but I provided to help find them somebody for free that could be a fantastic fit.
When your boss asks you to finish a job that is not realistic, you should say something such as…
Today allow me to forewarn you in regards to saying no to a boss…

They offered me $2,000,000.
And needless to say, I said no.
The support you are expecting.

To put it differently, don’t just use the word no because you are lazy and don’t want to perform additional work. Use it when it actually makes sense.
When it comes to your own boss, you’ll want to be imaginative.
It didn’t make sense for me to take the job as I have a business I love. So I said no.
From a psychological standpoint, we’ve got a higher perceived value for things that could be out of reach. To put it differently, saying no leaves you look more desirable because you’re making yourself a bit more out of reach.
And you understand what they said next?
If you’re truly right, there is absolutely no problem with saying no more. However, if you are idle and also a slow worker and other people can find the task done inside the time they’re proposing, then things aren’t going to workout for you.
They then made me a supply of a million-dollar salary.

Maybe you have heard the saying… play hard to get.”
Instead of simply saying no” you will want to come up with possible answers. Your boss may not like any of those solutions but being proactive and thinking outside of the box at least shows your boss that you’re attempting to do what is best for the corporation.

How does this help with sales?

People will likely work together and pay your price if you hold your own ground.
Their response was…
I know it could make you feel a bit uncomfortable to be this guide but you want to. It’s going to work wonders for you and your enterprise.
I kindly responded with, I appreciate the offer, but I’m going to decline.

I want to help you get the job done, and I do not mind working extra hours, but it will not be feasible for me to meet your deadline. When it is more important to finish this job than the current tasks I am working on, I will always push them down if you’re available to it. Or when we could reduce the range of the project, I might have the ability to get it done inside Y timeframe.

To give you an example of this, I was in a meeting in New York where someone offered me a project.
Well, you don’t even know what I am going to offer you… so just hear me out.
See, here is the big issue with saying yes in sales when individuals
You’re most likely not going to have the exact same experience as me (not yet if you are starting out), but when you start saying no you will have similar encounters. Only for a moment, consider what I just said…
Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t keep your clients contented. You need to provide the item or service that they paid for. And every once in a while, if you want to go above and beyond for them… you need to. But it should be you making that choice rather than them requesting you to create it.
And they’ll continue asking more and it will not stop.

Why should you tell your customers no?

So, when they start asking for one to do things from the extent, you should say no. Even when they’re little things since it will result in larger asks in the future.
You will need to make sure that you are thinking things through before you provide your own response.
Over the next week, I want you to try something…
Out of all of them, this is actually the hardest one since you don’t wish to make a bad work environment and have people hate you.
Very similar to revenue, once people join as a client it is a slippery slope to maintain telling them yes.
I know that seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true.
All it’ll do is make your life miserable.
People will respect your choice if it makes sense… maybe not right then and there, however, in the long run, they will.
I will warn you though, just saying no” and providing no explanation or other solutions will cause difficulties for you.
Then you’ll find yourself with a bargain that doesn’t make sense for youpersonally.
The moment your customers sees you move an inch, they’ll take a mile.
Are requesting more or want to pay less:

Why it is ok to tell your co-workers no more

Whenever someone asks you for something that’s unreasonable, just say no. You need to provide an explanation and potentially even supply an alternative solution.

Yes, this sounds mad, but it works. Just like anything else, it takes practice and you will get better at it over time.
If you want to go above and beyond for your customer or client when they are not anticipating, that’s fine and it will make you look great. But if your customer is asking for you to go beyond and above, it is going to set a poor precedent.
Therefore, do your self a favor and begin saying no, especially when it comes to sales.


So, you’ll want to be careful with this.
However, if people are getting you do stuff that is not the best for the company and it doesn’t logically make sense, there’s not anything wrong with saying no.
As long as your explanations are reasonable and logical you’ll be fine. Also, the reasons need to be best for the business too. Additionally, you will need to supply alternative solutions… that is the key as it shows you are a team player and proactive.
On the reverse side, if you keep telling your co-workers no when they are right, or your boss no since you’re lazy, you’ll probably get fired. Especially if you don’t give them alternative solutions.

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