Google Search Engine Optimization

April 11, 2019

Google Search Console Performance Report Now Consolidated To Canonical

In February, Google announced that they would be consolidating the data in the performance report to the canonical. Meaning the AMP, mobile, etc will all be counted towards the main URL’s data in the performance report. This was live in two different views but now the old view is gone.
April 9, 2019

Google’s Index Bug With Pages Being De-Indexed Is Almost Fixed

Just to keep you all up to date on the issue with pages dropping out of the Google index starting last Thursday. It is currently still not fully resolved and we are in day five now. But Google seems to be just about done resolving it fully.
April 8, 2019

Google Search Console Performance Report Discover Feed Data

Google Discover, formerly the Google feed, is a great source of traffic for many web sites. But there is no real good way to see in Google Search Console or Google Analytics how people are finding your web site via Google Discover. Well, that looks like it may change soon.
April 3, 2019

Google Explains 301 Redirects Are Not Links But…

Google’s John Mueller said that while 301 redirects are not seen by Google as links, the links pointing to the redirected page can pass through to the destination page. But 301s are primarily used for canonical purposes by Google he said.