Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?

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February 19, 2019
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Gillette is probably like a lot of us and read the posts.

Boom! Highest search traffic volume in 5 years, rather than just be a enormous spike, although a little bit.

How did the Gillette video impact traffic?

So people were driven to search for the merchandise by name that was branded.
The ad has a lot of layers to it.
But for the search engine marketing audience, we all know one of the main questions is, What was the effect on search traffic?”
Okay this is just people because they play at Gillette stadium looking for the commercial, or advice about the Patriots.
As expected, it was the highest since 2004 and spiked over the past 90 days.
As you can see, Nike inventory has outperformed the Dow Jones over the previous 12 months, and was on its way to high and a 52 week.
Having a look over the last 12 months at metrics from the Keyword planner of Google, you can see that the average CPC is $1 less per click.
, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?
Over the last couple months there was a great deal of media coverage, in both conventional and social mediums discussing the Gillette The Best a Man Can Be” ad.
You will save thousands of dollars if you stack that up over the course of any given day or week.
, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?
, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?

In case you have not watched, here is the video from Gillette.
Worth watching, Saturday Night Live parodied the video using Kool-Aid as the brand.
This ad had a similar impact. The end goal impact to shareholders was a 31% increase in sales, although it took a stand and was divisive.
This is interesting as we get to the Super Bowl. Brands have sunk millions of dollars as well as the creation of the ad itself.
Now that we’ve seen the ad, let’s look at the searches that are corresponding.
What effect does creative like this have on a brand and that brand’s search volume?
The advertisement launched on September 3 and the Times printed an article on September 10 about it.
Why do they make these investment choices? What’s the effect to volume and search traffic?
This is where the magic happens.
, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?
This is the type of effect that branded advertisements that are powerful can have on people.
The challenge for many of us is that we don’t have budgets that are branded that are big.
This might be as simple as providing location extensions when somebody is searching running shoes” so that your store can quickly and easily be found.
Focus on the value your product is attracting and the ad space.
So as much as we on customers searching rely in hunt, remember there is still a lot of significance in advertising, big and small, across mediums.

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, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?
, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?
, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?
, Did the Gillette video affect search traffic?

These types of risks.

It doesn’t really matter if you liked or did not like the Gillette advertisement. The fact is it worked. It got people talking, and it drove up search traffic. The sales will follow if it has half of the effect that a ad had for Nike.


This is a significant focus now with digital transformation,” but there is a whole lot of truth to this when considering what value your advertisements are driving for clients.
It doesn’t have to become a branded TV ad that is controversial, it just has to be good.

2. Are you filling a consumer need with value?

Getting SEO and developers to work may lead to spectacular success. Find out how this strategy can take your strategy to the next level.
Here is where leveraged their ability to solve problems by taking the friction, or a lot of manufacturers have stepped in to challenge legacy brands.

3) Are you currently monitoring attribution?

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