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April 1, 2019
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Bing takes over Yahoo ad delivery: Five things to prepare

January saw the announcement of Bing Ads exclusively taking over management for Yahoo and AOL search ads starting in March. Oath had been renamed Verizon Media and Yahoo Gemini had switched to the name “Oath Ad Manager” only recently but Verizon (who agreed to the acquisition of Yahoo Inc. in 2016) are clearly trying to consolidate and stabilize the decade-long crumbling of the Yahoo empire. Regardless of the ultimate life expectancy of much of the Yahoo portfolio, the status quo was always on borrowed time. The key question for agencies and advertisers is, what will it mean in the management of your search advertising? Impact The whole handover from Yahoo to Bing Ads is going to be far shorter than version 1.0 of this arrangement, which was implemented around 11 years ago. Only two weeks were allotted from the first blush to full transition, which is now, at the end […]