March 23, 2019
Five ways seos can utilize data with insights automation and jpg

Five ways SEOs can utilize data with insights, automation, and personalization Search Engine Watch

Constantly evolving search results driven by Google’s increasing implementation of AI are challenging SEOs to keep pace. Search is more dynamic, competitive, and faster than ever before. Where SEOs used to focus almost exclusively on what Google and other search engines were looking for in their site structure, links, and content, digital marketing now revolves solidly around the needs and intent of consumers. This past year was perhaps the most transformative in SEO, an industry expected to top $80 billion in spending by 2020. AI is creating entirely new engagement possibilities across multiple channels and devices. Consumers are choosing to find and interact with information by voice search, or even on connected IoT appliances, and other devices. Brands are being challenged to reimagine the entire customer journey and how they optimize content for search, as a result. How do you even begin to prioritize when your to-do list and the […]
March 13, 2019
Guide to advanced search operators for bing and google –bruceclay jpg

Guide to Advanced Search Operators for Bing and Google –BruceClay

When you search, do you find exactly what you’re looking for the first time? Advanced search operators let you extract everything the engine knows about a specific subject efficiently. These tricks of the trade can definitely save you time, especially if you’re doing any kind of competitor analysis or SEO research. Soon you’ll be searching like a pro as you learn: What Are Search Engine Operators? Search operators are a prefix or addition to a query in Google or Bing that limits the results set. They work like customizable filters. The results page you get back provides entirely different results than the average search. Example 1: “advanced search tips” One common operation is to use quotation marks (“) to match an exact phrase. So searching for “advanced search tips” (with the quotes) finds only pages that have those words together as a phrase. Duplicate content is a problem for SEO. […]