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March 26, 2019
The majority of listings for car accident attorneys on google png

The majority of listings for car accident attorneys on Google are fake

If you work with attorneys, you may have noticed recently that there is a massive amount of spam that seems to be growing like weeds in Google’s local results. Let me explain what I mean. This was a search done earlier this week in a prominent zip code in Manhattan, New York. All three of these listings in the three-pack are fake. In fact, when digging further, 18 out of the top 20 for this search result set were not real businesses. When looking through two cities for one of my attorney clients this week, I compiled a list of 273 fake listings in the top six pages of results for just two different keywords. Many SEOs who work with attorneys are noticing this. Brian Barwig of AttorneySync tweeted earlier that he looked through over six pages of fake listings that had no websites attached to them. Whoever is behind […]
March 25, 2019
Googles relprevnext communication method nothing has changed gif

Google’s rel=prev/next Communication Method: Nothing Has Changed

Google keeps saying the same thing over and over again regarding their communication around the rel=prev/next blunder. Simply that nothing has changed, to do pagination just like you always have been doing and that is it. To catch you all up, Google last week shocked the SEO and developer community when they said that they haven’t supported rel=prev/next for years. It turns out that Gary Illyes from Google discovered it and Google had to quickly tell the community that they don’t support it the way they have been telling SEOs for the past several years. To be clear, Google did apologize saying “We apologize for any confusion. This was an oversight and something that we should have communicated proactively before taking down the documentation. As our systems improve over time, there may be instances where specific types of markup is not as critical as it once was, and we’re committed […]
March 25, 2019
Optimizing for searcher intent explained in 7 visuals jpg

Optimizing for Searcher Intent Explained in 7 Visuals

Ever get that spooky feeling that Google somehow knows exactly what you mean, even when you put a barely-coherent set of words in the search box? You’re not alone. The search giant has an uncanny ability to un-focus on the keywords in the search query and apply behavioral, content, context, and temporal/historical signals to give you exactly the answer you want. For marketers and SEOs, this poses a frustrating challenge. Do we still optimize for keywords? The answer is “sort of.” But I think I can show you how to best think about this in a few quick visuals, using a single search query. First… A short story. I sent a tweet over the weekend about an old Whiteboard Friday video. Emily Grossman, longtime friend, all-around marketing genius, and official-introducer-of-millenial-speak-to-GenXers-like-me replied. Ha ha Emily. I already made fun of my own mustache so… Anywho, I searched Google for “soz.” Not because I […]
March 25, 2019
350 events around the world jpg

350+ Events Around the World

Table of Contents Plan Ahead & Save2019 Digital Marketing Conferences Around the World2019 Digital Marketing Conferences by Topic FocusFull 2019 Digital Marketing Conference Calendar by DateMarketing Conference Fast Facts for 2019Have an Event to Add? Submit Your EventAbout the Author Digital marketing conferences in 2019 will be held from San Diego to Singapore and everywhere in between. Whether you’re into SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, social media, big data, UX or general business growth, you can find an event just right for you! Why attend an in-person marketing event? We think there’s no better way to grow professionally than to experience the whirlwind of information, education and networking that a live event provides. Newly updated for 2019, our Digital Marketing Conference Calendar contains more than 350 events worldwide! We hope this helps you start planning your year ahead. (Click here to skip straight ahead to the full calendar.) EDITOR’S NOTE: […]