April 17, 2019
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Three fundamental factors in the production of link-building content

One of the most overused phrases in content marketing is how it is an ever-changing landscape, forcing agencies and marketers to adapt and improve their existing processes. In a short space of time, a topic can go from being newsworthy to negligible, all while certain types of content become tedious to the press and its readers. A vast amount of the work we do — at Kaizen and many other similar agencies — is create content with the sole purpose of building high authority links, making it all the more imperative that we are conscious of the changes and trends outlined above. If we were to split the creative process into three sections — content, design, and outreach strategy — how are we able to engineer our own successes and failures to provide us with a framework for future campaigns? Three important factors for producing link-worthy content Over the past month, I’ve […]
March 27, 2019

Social media: How does it affect SEO?

Does social media have an impact on your SEO? Do retweets, shares, and likes of a page actually boost that page in search engine results? Studies like this one by HootSuite have suggested that there’s a correlation between social media shares and higher rankings. You might have noticed that yourself: content that ranks well on Google often also has a lot of shares, retweets, and likes. Most experts agree, though, that rankings aren’t directly affected by social signals. (And that’s what ex-Googler Matt Cutts said on the subject a few years ago, too.) Google+, which once included the promising Authorship markup, is soon going to be shut down. So what’s going on? Why do posts that get shared a lot also tend to be posts that rank more highly? Social media and SEO: Correlation, not causation While social media shares might be correlated with better rankings, that doesn’t mean that […]