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Free extension
Free extension
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 1
Experts are helped by this exceptionally popular plugin by Yoast . The tool will let you:
Serpstat SEO & Website Analysis Plugin has now three tabs: Page Analysis, On-page SEO parameters, and Domain Analysis. Here are the crucial parameters you will get with the plugin:
It. Serpstat Plugin provides the critical information on key words, traffic, and page visibility.
WordPress plugin
Experts also say it’s great on using technologies that are specific you can acquire global trends.
This plugin is perfect for those who deal with content. SEO TextOptimizer lets you gauge the quality of texts you create based on how search engines would evaluate it.

  • Add meta keywords, name, and description to your articles.
  • Provide clear site navigation for crawlers and users.
  • Examine your on-page SEO. You may examine keywords, descriptions, and your content.
    This extension allows you find what a site you’re currently visiting at the moment is constructed with. It is created to help designers developers, and researchers choose those they wish to use for their websites and to discover.
    17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 2
    The tool shows you subjects you need to develop in addition to those you eliminate to understand the text is relevant to the specific queries. The plugin also indicates you a list of phrases you could add to improve your content. The best thing is that you don’t need SEO expertise to use it.
    There are so many plugins available, and it is hard to choose which are the best for you.
    Per the pros, I compiled this list of 17 of extensions and the plugins for SEO — and they are all free.

    Listed below are the top plugins and extensions advocated by experienced SEOs

    17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 3
    17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 4
    17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 5
    Among the factors SEO professionals choose this tool is that you may get a comprehensive evaluation of a SERP and even export its outcomes. There’s a pub appearing below each search result which provides you with key metrics such as traffic, Alexa rank, social networking shares, etc..
    With SEOquake plugin, you can easily analyze your search engine optimization metrics that are key. The tool provides SEO audit, backlinks analysis, along with other functions.
    Free extension

    The plugin tracks:
    I have asked SEO experts to discuss what they use to help you decide which tools will make your job easier and more productive.

    • Domain’s traffic.
    • Domain’s visibility trend for a year.
    • The number of results on Google, Bing, and Baidu.
    • The number of images on Google Image Search.
    • Alexa Rank.
    • Site start date.
    • Meta tags.
    • The number of shares on social networking networks (Facebook and Pinterest).

    Free extension
    The plugin is free, but you want to create your Serpstat account, if you do not have one yet, to use it. Free WordPress plugin
    Free extension

    • Update links which are embedded in excerpts, content, or custom fields.
    • Choose whether you want to upgrade links for attachments or not.
    • View how many items upgraded.

    17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 6
    This tool assesses web content accessibility within Chrome and Firefox browsers. WAVE provides 100% private and secure access reporting. The plugin checks sensitive, intranet, password-protected or dynamically generated web pages.
    This WordPress plugin has a very fast and easy-to-use interface.
    With this tool, you can inspect the dataLayer in real time, insert code into the page, analyze GA hits, dismiss hits to individual properties, etc..
    17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 7
    Listed below are with:
    Free extension

    • Monthly traffic.
    • The performance of your site for all the keywords.
    • The technical audit which analyzes more than 40 hard-to-find difficulties.
    • Information on backlink authority.

    Free extension
    Graphs from Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank.

  • Cached pages.
  • Indexed pages. You’ll see the amount of pages indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, etc..
  • Geolocation data, such as state, city, and IP address.
  • The stocks on social websites.
  • Meta information, such as title, meta keywords, description, canonical tags, internal links, external links, and more.

17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 8
Spark Content Optimizer is a tool designed to assist you develop the search experience of your site. The plugin provides you with easy access to such a crucial data

17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 9
With Velvet Blues Plugin, you can:
Free extension
This plugin will be useful for those who move their WordPress site to a different domain and need to update links and references to pages. The plugin helps you change links on your own website and fix the problem. Experts say it is great that you can find and replace any URL without needing to use phpMyAdmin.
This extension offers quick access to the main search engine optimization stats. The tool will show you:
Free extension

  • Identify and fix problems in your on-page/off-page SEO.
  • Analyze your competitors’ links.
  • Watch the redirect chain and fix problems to create your load time faster.
  • After your website was redesigned or migrated, you can check your links.
  • Check links from affiliate and advertising networks.

17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 10
Free extension
Free WordPress plugin
It’s a excellent tool for tracking path. You can use Link Redirect Trace extension to analyze your off-page and on-page SEO your competitors, and other elements.
This plugin is a toolkit for analysts that are electronic. This add-on lets you monitor, debug, get data not having to change between the page, the code, and the developer console.
Install it only once you need to repair something and then uninstall it. The plugin treats everything it finds.
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 11
The tool will allow you to switch between user-agent strings. This plugin will allow you to do it, if you want to test your page reacts to different browsers. Because of User-Agent Switcher, you can browse with or add your own ones.
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 12
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 13

Want more SEO tools?

Obtaining SEO and front-end developers to work together can cause spectacular success. Find out how this strategy can take your strategy to the next level.
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 14
Protect against DDoS attacks, enhance your SEO, and this plugin can help to accelerate page loading time.
This extension lets you find out what runs any site. You, ll get all the technologies used on sites you visit:
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 15
That’s why it’s essential to know which ones exactly are fantastic for you.
Check these posts out as well:

Choose the best for you

Free WordPress plugins and Chrome extensions will help you make your job easier, but you may spend a considerable time searching for those which are helpful for you. This list should have helped you circle the tools you will try to implement into your working process out.
Additionally, you may get notified when sites start should you follow them using new tools and services.
Free extension
Here are eight distinct content types for
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 16

serps of tomorrow

17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 17

With WP Rocket, you can optimize your pictures, so that they’ll get loaded when the page is scrolled down by people. An action contributes to improving webpage speed.
17 top plugins and extensions for SEO 18
Free WordPress plugin

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